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What have we learned from the pandemic about teaching languages?

PresenterAnne Becher

Saturday 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.

Conference Room I 

While the pandemic has had so many destructive effects on our society, this presentation will reflect on how it has allowed us to rethink our priorities in teaching language and modify course design and classroom practices. In crisis lies opportunity, the Chinese proverb reminds us. The presenter will share the evolutionary process starting in March 2020 of the courses she coordinates and teaches at the university level, and will invite participants to share the evolution of their priorities and practices as well, for a participatory and hopefully affirming session focusing on positive changes we have made these difficult three years.

Applicable Language:  All Languages

Presentation Language:  English

Target Audience:  All Levels, All Teachers

Focus Area(s):  Activities, Instructional Strategies, and/or Classroom Management, Assessment, Curriculum, Standards

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