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Make Your Lesson Planning More Efficient with ChatGPT: Designing Authentic, Meaningful Lessons with AI

PresenterJesse Walker

Saturday 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.

Conference Room II 

ChatGPT has been a contentious topic among educators since it's discovery. Very simply, ChatGPT is an AI software which uses predictive text and an extremely large amount of data to generate coherent and natural text in response to questions or prompts. How can this tool be leveraged by the world language teacher to help design language material and activities in the classroom? In this workshop the presenter will introduce ChatGPT, and how ChatGPT can maximize lesson planning and activity design efficiency.

Applicable Language:  All Languages

Presentation Language:  English

Target Audience:  All Levels, All Teachers

Focus Area(s):  Activities, Instructional Strategies, and/or Classroom Management, Curriculum, Standards, Technology

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