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Teaching a FL to Adults and Children: What Do They Have in Common?

PresenterMaria Gamboa

Friday 9:45 - 10:45 a.m.

Conference Room VII

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How does teaching adults compare to teaching children? This presentation will enter the world of children teaching and compare it with that of adult teaching, an area that has been growing in the last years. It will discuss their similarities and differences, from curriculum and standards to instructional strategies and activities. Although it will focus on the Spanish language, the ideas can be applied to any FL (foreign language). It will be an interactive presentation, so come, and share your ideas!

Applicable Language:  Spanish

Presentation Language:  English

Target Audience:  All Levels, Elementary/Elementary FLES, Adult Education, Early Career Teachers, Veteran Teachers

Focus Area(s):  Activities, Instructional Strategies, and/or Classroom Management, Curriculum, Standards

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